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Yoga Fresh was established in 2013 after almost thirty years of Yoga practice and we offer Yoga and Pilates classes for fitness and wellbeing.

Through Yoga Fresh Holistic we also now offer holistic therapies to help the body heal emotionally and spiritually.

Hi, my name is Sharon...

Yoga Fresh was born in 2013 after almost thirty years of practicing Yoga in various settings. As soon as I said my first Namaste I knew that my life was going to take a different direction. As a mother of three my working life needed to fit around raising my children, Yoga gave me the opportunity to relax, reflect and rejuvenate and I was soon hooked.

Yoga to me wasn’t just going to an exercise class and meeting up weekly with my respective classmates, it gave me joy and passion. I soon found that my mental health, wellbeing and confidence increased and I wanted to instil this way of life in others.

I then embarked on my spiritual journey which led my down the various paths of different types of Yoga, Pilates, Reki, Mindfulness, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Hypnosis and the Laws of Attraction. I wanted to improve my understanding of the spiritual world as well as learn about many ways to overcome anxiety, depression and negativity through Holistic exercises which channel the body’s central core and improves flexibility and strengthens muscles.

As quickly as I developed my own sense of inner calm I expanded my business uniting others with my approach to holistic exercises and wellbeing therapies in venues all over South Wales connecting with others who wouldn’t have met if it had not been for Yoga Fresh.

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