Steps to improve Your Wellbeing .🦋

Some simple steps to improve your wellbeing during this pandemic.
Step one, set yourself a routine, start the day by getting out of bed, washing getting dressed, and getting ready for the day, just like you would if you were going to work.
Step two do some gentle exercise which includes floating arm, using breath control, as it calms the mind.
Step three put some tranquil music on that includes natural sounds, birds.
Step four meditate, picturing yourself in a place of natural beauty, beach, meadow or it could be your own garden.
place your hands in prayer positions, and set the intention, it could be to bring inner calm into your life or you could simple imagine that you are sending out healing love and light to the universe to heal the planet of this virus.
just close your eyes concentrate on the breath notice the coolness as the breath comes into the nose, notice the chest expands on the inhale and sinks on the exhale, give yourself permission to relax:
Follow this method for a few moments then concentrate on the sounds around you keeping the focus on the sounds and allow you body to relax and become heavy.

After you have done your meditation and if we are still allowed, go for a walk and connect with nature.

Or you could overcome your fears of technology and join in some of our daily Yoga session.
Don’t allow covid 19  to take control over your life, regain your power by following the steps below

Step 1 download
Step  2 go onto
Step 3 go into bookings and select your class and make payment
Step 4 10 minutes before the selected class that you are joining open up the app and join Meeting the ID numbers are 375-440-7572 once this number has been entered you will be put into waiting are, I will be able to see you and I’ll then enter you into the live stream studio

It is a truly amazing way for us to connect with each other, you will be able to interact with your class mates, as most of are now aware this lockdown is going to take a few months, Please don’t allow yourself to be isolated let’s all reach out and reconnect, Buddha said fear will hold you back.
stay safe.
lots of love light and blessings

Please send me your phone numbers if you would like to be part of some group chitchat don’t be alone we can all help.


Online classes are Just ÂŁ3
Thursday Night ÂŁ6

Yoga truly is amazing
don’t let fear hold you back reconnect with us.

A beautiful flower 🌹
connect with your inner self believe you can and you will.
mind, body and spirit.
Yoga Fresh Online Studio
love light and blessings